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New York Theatre Workshop

The Center for Advanced Visual Studies/Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dance New Amsterdam

Circuit Network (for Pamela Z)

DiverseWorks (for Jason Nodler, Anthony Barilla and Charles Thompson)

Present Music

Rude Mechanicals

Circuit Network (for Kristina Wong)

New York Foundation for the Arts (for Yin Mei)


Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (for Reggie Watts and Tommy Smith)

Harlem Stage/Aaron Davis Hall

Fractured Atlas (for Lisa D'Amour and Katie Pearl)

Young Jean Lee's Theater Company

Watts Village Theater Company



The Field (for Sarah Michelson)

Other Minds

Dance Theater Workshop (for luciana achugar)

American Repertory Theatre Company

Institute for Intercultural Studies (for Mohammad Ghaffari)

HERE Arts Center (for The South Wing)


HERE Arts Center (for Kristin Marting, Jennifer Gibbs and Maya Ciarrocchi)

Khmer Arts Academy

Brooklyn Academy of Music

The Field (for Kimberly Bartosik)

Big Art Group

Springboard for the Arts (for Emily Johnson)

Electronic Music Foundation (for Frances White)

Tickle the Sleeping Giant

MAPP International Productions


Los Angeles Poverty Department

Next Theatre Company

MAPP International Productions

Japan Society
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Byrd Hoffman Watermill Foundation/The Watermill Center
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Youth Speaks/The Living Word Project
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