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$35,000 to support Platonov, or the Disinherited (MAP 2013)
$5,000 to general operating expenses for Haleakala, Inc. DBA The Kitchen

About the Project

Platonov, or the Disinherited is Jay Scheib and Company’s remix of the traditions of Shakespeare-in-the-park, the ribald nostalgia of the drive-in movie, and recent design experiments in environmentally sustainable and affordable housing to present a live-cinema performance based on Anton Chekhov's unfinished, first full-length play. This site-specific motion-portrait of a society on the brink of foreclosure will be staged in two unique environments: an outdoor presentation in a vacant lot converted into a makeshift drive-in movie theater in partnership with La Jolla Playhouse in Fall 2013, and an indoor theater performance event at The Kitchen in January 2014.

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